Why Your Company Needs a Roadside Assistance Plan


While it’s certainly an annoying frustration to have to deal with a flat tire or car trouble while you’re on the road for personal reasons, it becomes not only a minor annoyance when trying to conduct business, it can cost you and your company potentially a large amount of money in lost revenue. The client that you or your employee had planned to meet will likely not care what the reason was if no one shows up at a scheduled appointment. That business may even be redirected to a competitor. Having a road side assistance plan in place can help assure that you or your employee is back on the road as quickly as possible.

A roadside assistance plan will save you money

You might think enrolling your commercial vehicles in a roadside assistance program is just another unnecessary additional expense. With all the expenses of running a business, it might seem like you’re already paying enough as it is; however, when you protect your company’s vehicles with a roadside assistance program, you’re actually saving money!

Not only will you save on the time lost with you or your employee not being able to work, having roadside assistance coverage is much less expensive than paying a locksmith when the keys are locked inside a car, getting a jump when the battery dies, or even worse, having the car towed and obtaining a new means of transportation. Roadside assistance is fairly inexpensive considering the amount you can save in towing and repair expenses.

Your employees are probably not mechanics

Unless it is their profession, your employee shouldn’t be used as a mechanic. Attempting car repairs could even jeopardize your company by putting the employee at risk. You really don’t want your employee trying to change a tire out on the highway with traffic whizzing by! In addition to the benefits of free towing service, many minor repairs can be made on the spot by trained professionals.

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