A Webkinz Is A Small Toy Pet With Huge “Grass Roots” Appeal


Have you ever heard of a toy that sold more than one million units in it first fourteen months without the parent company ever spending any money to advertise it? How about the fact that it is only sold in certain specialty stores (and cannot be purchased in many popular toy stores) yet these toy pets are selling at the rate of over ten thousand each week. When I last checked Ebay, the site had over ten thousand of these toys for sale. As you can see, this toy pet is wildly popular with the more than five hundred thousand customers who have “adopted” it for children between the ages of five and twelve. The name for this toy is Webkinz.

I first discovered Webkinz several weeks ago. After a day of teaching first grade, my wife returned home with that gleam in her eye that tells me that she has thought of a new and unique way to educate her first graders. She told me that her classroom had adopted a pet frog called “Froggie” and that the children were very excited. I thought a pet frog would be great in a first grade classroom and wanted to know who would feed it. She told me that feeding “Froggie” would require money that the children could raise online through the pets interactive website. I was confused until she told me that the frog was really a toy pet called a Webkinz.

Since I had never heard of a Webkinz, I was interested in learning more. Webkinz is produced by the Ganz company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It is a small stuffed animal somewhat larger than the size of a beanie baby. There are about thirty five different types of Webkinz that can be purchased /adopted as pets. You can adopt pets that include pandas, cats,


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